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  • Did you know that working for a prestigious, respected, and well known company can help you professionally? +

    Eric Bloom said here :  

    “While working at one of these companies, it will

    • Be easier for you to speak at
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  • How much a job board can take you to a successful IT career choice? +

    IT job board can help you determine which career paths are in demand by checking them over a several week

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  • Career advice for new IT professionals +

    Here is a great advice from :  Atish Banerjea SVP and CTO, Dex One Corp.

    Some of the best career advice

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  • Can computer software read your resume? +

    Many large companies and most recruiters use resume parsing software to analyze your resume. If the software parses it wrong,

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Latest Tech News

  • Video Email System

    Now you can send a video email with ! Use the "Free Trial".. 2 years ago we used to say that a video email has yet to take off on a worldwide basis, however this day is here now. After all, everybody loves to use videos when they can. Don't Read More
  • Can I send a video e mail from my outlook ?

    There is an application called "Viotalk Outlook Application" that you install to your computer and immediately you start sending video emails from your company , with your company logo , with more information about your business that will create additional marketing opportunities for you. CLICK HERE Read More
  • Using Artech digital touch pen to convert your regular pc screen to a touch screen!

    Artechpen has that for you and more than converting your regular pc screen to a touch screen, Artechpen facilitate many other ways your daily life. Click here to read more Read More
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