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Video email system

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on Wednesday, 28 November 2012
in Working in Tech is one of Nitya Software Solutions ,Inc. innovation and it is built on the idea that email can be more intuitive, useful and fun, and to make it more sufficient Viotalk had added a Video e mail, Live streaming, inbuilt chat, video conference, video consultation and 2ways video chat.

2 years ago we used to say that a video email has yet to take off on a worldwide basis; however this day is here now. After all, everybody loves to use videos when they can. Don't you agree that sending a video email could offer many benefits over simple words? The fact of the matter is that while video email is not hot with everybody right now, once it starts to spread it will catch on big time. All in all, there are too many benefits for video email to lag behind for much longer.

Nitya Software Solutions ,Inc. team speaking about a video email system and they stated that they believe a video email provides key benefits that improve not only a company profits but a company and products image as well. Also, as Nitya Software Solutions is always in the hiring process of new employees, they said that they had faced many fake interviews, that they had interviewed couple candidates over the phone and after they hired them and they show up in the organization , either they end up being a different persons or with low experience than how the interview went, so with video email and video conference or video interview of Nitya Software Solutions definitely had avoided the FAKE interviews and fake candidates.

When you send a video email to your clients:

  1. Your emails have a more professional appearance when using a video email.
  2. Video emails generate a lot of interest and are often forwarded. The viral effect exposes larger audiences to your business and what it offers-with no extra effort on your part.
  3. You can track the success of your videos to see how effective your marketing dollars are being used. Get immediate notification of viewed videos for on-the-spot follow
  4. Video email is a great way to achieve Top of Mind Awareness in your prospects.
  5. Video email marketing helps you establish and maintain solid relationships with your customers. Their loyalty, once secured, often lasts a lifetime. Businesses that practice relational marketing are frequently rewarded with long-term benefits.
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