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JOBS’n’PROFILES is a refreshing jobs web portal in the huge milieu of innumerable jobs websites floating on and around the web world. With a VIDEO RESUME, VIDEO JOB and VIDEO INTERVIEW , JobsNprofiles is the worldwide new leader in successfully connecting people to job opportunities.

Why it is a refreshing web portal in the jobs niche?

Well, we keep it simple, sticking to the fundamental factors. And they are: A job seeker is bothered about find a job that comes to him based on his qualification, skill sets and experience (if any) and nothing more than that. Keep it simple.

The employer not keenly bothered about a host of add on services, features and functions that has nothing to do with the fundamental factor of finding a good, qualified and smart resource with minimum fuss.And when we commit to deliver the basic requirements with little or no upheavals, then we guess, we can call it a refreshing web portal.

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How and why JOBS'n'PROFILES was founded:

Through our business experience and with our clients experience on how tough is to determine the most competent employee with so many applicants and unemployed out there; and how many times  companies hire many candidates because they seem to be the right fit for  their job openings and they end up to be not the best candidate for the job after spending so much money by posting the jobs posts in different online services, and by hiring a third party like a recruiting agency and wasting so money with them when the employees you got through them leave your company very soon after finding the work place not the right place for them. 

With a VIDEO RESUME, VIDEO JOB , VIDEO INTERVIEW. JobsNprofiles is a national new leader in successfully connecting talents to job opportunities.

www.jobsnprofiles.com is a Utah local business that was founded in order to connect employers with job seekers and vs verse. And to make this goal as a successful experience for both parties, JobsNprofiles added 3 sufficient tools which are, a VIDEO RESUME for job seekers to post their video resumes to reach out and convince the targeted employers better, and a VIDEO JOB for employers to post their videos where they can describe better the job position needs, the job seeker tasks, how the work place looks like and may be to show the team members that the job seeker will join, also JobsNprofiles have a VIDEO INTERVIEW where both employers and job seekers could connect for a LIVE JOB INTERVIEW and where the employer could have an interview with more than one candidate.

All these added featuresare so sufficient use for both parties. Employers will be saving so much money and time when they will be able to check and see every candidate through a VIDEO RESUME, and job seekers will save so much time also by not getting a job that they will end up hating the work place or the real job task at the workplace, and instead they will be well satisfied finding their careers or their dream jobs.

Try us this year and you will be saving so much money, and here how we are very confident to achieve this goal for you:


  • - 3 months free jobs post

  • -With jobsnprofiles, you will never be in need to hire a professional recruiting agency. Your  registration with us is enough for you to get the service of a professional recruiting team who will be looking at your job openings needs in order to search for the right candidates for you.

  • -We are hosting a job fair every 3 months, and as a client, you will get 3 job fair free of cost to attend.


Our job fair is so sufficient, how?


  • -We take your job openings descriptions, and our professional recruiting team, invite for you the best selection of potential employees to attend. They will be ready to face  you with just what you are looking for.

  • -We provide a researcher, technical developer and an account manager for each job description.

  • -We always have an available list of excellent professional IT employees, National/Local/Telecommuters 

  • -For many companies, communicating only by phone or e mails is never enough that is why we have a local office to where you can come to discuss face to face your needs with our team.



Feel free to send us your questions, thoughts or feedback at any time to: info@jobsnprofiles.com and we will get back with you no later than 24 hours .
We appreciate your business!

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Jobs N Profiles, LLC.
3100 Mowry Ave,
Suite 205, Fremont CA
Ph: (510) 790-7020


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