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Hiring and retaining the best talent is as tough as it's ever been. Especially in IT field, employers might face many difficulties to get the right person especially because most of the candidates are not local and they most likely do only a phone interview. Many companies hire candidates after the phone interview and when the person starts working the employer discovers that their choice was not the right one either because the candidate has low experience, or the candidate communication ...etc , for different reasons the employers might not be satisfied with their hiring decision . And here Jobnprofiles team did many researches on what is the main reason of the employer wrong decision on the hiring process and how to help our customers to eliminate this problem by saving them time, money and to help them hire the right candidate. Jobsnprofiles then added a video resume and a video interview , so employer can request from the job seekers to post a video resume in order for the employer to decide whether they can ask them for the first interview or not. Also, when they decide for an interview, there is no better way than a face to face interview using a video interview that definitely avoids fake interviews. Many of our customers had complained to us that they received another candidate than the one they interviewed over the phone. 

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