Career advice for new IT professionals

Here is a great advice from :  Atish Banerjea SVP and CTO, Dex One Corp.

Some of the best career advice I received very early in my IT career was from one of the divisional CEOs of a company I was working for. In essence, he told me to learn all I could about the business of the company and fully understand the impact that IT has on the business (and vice versa) in order to be successful. IT professionals so often tend to restrict their interactions to people within their own domain, and avoid active engagement with the business at large. This ends up turning them into order takers as the business folks don’t realize the immense value that IT personnel can add as strategic partners. Learning about the business, and being able to ‘speak the language’ of the folks within the businesses can fundamentally change the relationship where the business teams and the IT group now start to interact as peers to work towards a common business goal. Any IT project then just becomes one of the mechanisms to help achieve a business goal that IT and the folks within the business execute together. This results in a much more fulfilling working relationship between the IT personnel and his or her business partner providing good opportunities for further growth and advancement.

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